Under the frame work of Lets go Digital Project in Athens, Greece, April 14 th  - 20 th 2024

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the journey to becoming a successful e-
entrepreneur demands a blend of innovation, strategy, and resilience. With the ever-
evolving nature of e-commerce and online business ventures, mastering the art of
digital entrepreneurship is more crucial than ever.

Join us for an insightful virtual event where industry experts and entrepreneurs will
share invaluable insights, strategies, and experiences on navigating the complexities
of entrepreneurship.

#Social Inclusion Association is delighted to announce the organization of the workshop titled "Understanding European Elections: Empowering Youth in Democracy" as part of European Youth Week. Scheduled for April 18, 2024, this workshop aims to educate and engage young individuals about the importance of European elections and their role in shaping the future of democracy.

European Youth Week is an annual event dedicated to celebrating and promoting youth engagement and participation in Europe. As part of this initiative, Social Inclusion Association is hosting this workshop to empower young people with the knowledge and tools necessary to actively participate in the democratic process.

Project Title: Empowering Youth Workers to Reach Young Migrants and


Venue: Ankara/ Turkey

Dates 9th-15th November 2021


Social Inclusion volunteers participated in the project Empowering Youth Workers to Reach Young Migrants and Refugees in Ankara , Turkey from 9th – 15th of November 2021 . The project scope was to increase the knowledge, experience and motivation of 44 youth workers for the common interests of 11 participating countries in combating violence against refugees through social inclusion activities.

#socialinclusionassociationsocialSocialInclusionAssociation participants joined the Training Activity week from 24th-30th of January 2022 in Reggio Calabria in Italy under the #RDE project KA2 .
During the training activity all the group explored concrete ways and business ideas on Cultural Heritage - Hospitality & Tourism - New industries - Entertainment - Agribusinesses.
Also, they had the chance to visit BIORISI-Spirulina Fox where the initiators and researchers behind this project shared with us how spirulina can be a great ally in our fight against micro plastic and why it is considered a super-food.

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