The European Conferences of the Project promoted by the Union of Municipalities of the Patrì Valley (Italy), financed by the EACEA Executive Agency of the European Commission entitled "Youth over Pandemic: A new Idea of civic Participation for the Future - YoungEU Project”.

The project, relating to the community program CERV, Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values, a project which had the aim of networking thematic cities and organizations from 16 countries of the European Union.

Project Number: 2023-3-EL02-KA153-YOU-000172448
14.04.2024 – 20.04.2024


The importance of learning about digital competence in non-formal and informal settings becomes a central aspect of education of the EU population with an employ-ability perspective. With this project activity, we would like to enhance the youngster’s knowledge on the use of digital technology in order to create their Digital Professional Profile for applying in job sector and to support them as well to build their own business with the use of technology in a professional way.

With this project, we would like to support 36 young through non-formal learning to gain knowledge on the digital era, support them and educated them through non-formal methods on how to create their own on - line business.
The project will support youngsters to get to know and understand the meaning and domains of key competencies and ICT skills in job sector, to develop certain professional profile and be able to use it in different context; to develop a positive attitude towards ICT skills.

The project will offer the basic material and ICT education in order to adapt with this cultural change and intergrade in digital technology in the area of business. The objectives of this Professional Development are:
1.    Get to know and understand the meaning and domains of Digital transition and digital technology
2.    Develop certain digital skills and be able to use them in e-business development
3.    Develop a positive attitude towards Digital skills, their development and how to use them
4.    Increase the employ ability skills of youth workers through experiential methods;
5.    Support proactive attitudes of participants on the issues of youth employment,
6.    Foster an entrepreneurial mindset, attitudes and culture change, as Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.






Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

                     Project Reference: 2019-1-BE01-KA204-050550

  Topics: Cultural Heritage | European Year of Cultural Heritage | Entrepreneurial Learning - Entrepreneurship Education | Rural development and urbanisation

[Brussels, Belgium] The Belgian NA, AEF-Europe, has decided to award a grant for the Project “RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EMPLOYEMENT” under the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for Adult education.

Project Description

This is a Capacity building project under Key action 2- Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of goo practices– Capacity building in the field of youth of Erasmus+ programme with the name “WEBEN- Portal of entrepreneurial education in new key”. It consists of six activities: Coordination meeting, Training course, Study visit, Workshop, Local workshop and Conference including final evaluation meeting that will be organized by Uludag Universitesi, as partner organization and a host.

The project “Sustain Migrant’ Integration for Linking Networks in a Inclusive Europe” is promoted by the Municipality of Fondachelli Fantina with the aim to create a thematic Network of Towns for raising awareness about priority matters linked to Migration, integration and Social Inclusion, fight against marginalization and the stigmatization of migrants.

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