WEBEN Project - It is not the love you make. It is the love you give

“It is not the love you make.

It is the love you give”

Nikola Tesla


I was one of the participants of Greek team representing Social Inclusion Organization in the Training Activity in Belgrade, Serbia for the Weben Project for dates 1-8 May 2021. The theme was “Portal of entrepreneurial education in new key”. It was a unique experience; the theme of the program was about entrepreneurship in the world of Fashion, something that as a theme was very interesting. Within eight days we had the opportunity with various workshops and trainings to learn more about business plan, marketing, communicational skills. The organizers, despite the difficulties they faced due to the covid-19 pandemic, managed to do it safely and with excessive zeal, they managed to make us feel safe. They were always there and they were trying to have an unforgettable experience. In conclusion, I would say that they succeeded, on the one hand, to get acquainted with the field of entrepreneurship and to get in touch with other participants from other countries. This cultural exchange was the best part of the training course and I manage to make a lot of friends from Turkey, Lithuania, Poland and of course with Serbia.

 Ornela Maria Ntoko


Some time ago I took part in a training course held in Belgrade, which is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Serbia. Some of the topics of this training course were: fashion and how it can be managed within the various trends and cultures, how a business can work and the factors that can influence it as well as more is the way to better manage money. Apart from all the above, another very positive part was that I met many new friends from many different countries in Europe.The last thing I have to add is that there was a very good organization for everything and that the facilitators were very kind, serious and correct towards me.

Manolis Stamatakis

July 19, 2024

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