Playfulness and Innovation in Youth 19th - 29th of September 2022

This erasmus+ program has been phenomenal for us. We were living in bungalows, in national teams and we have had to cook for ourself based on a budget we were given. We were representing the Greek national teams which was consisted of 6 people and we were sent by the organisation Social Inclusion.

Everyday each national team organised traditional games that we would play and each night a cultural night in order for each participant to get to know each other’s cultures.

We have seen that many traditional games were common in between some countries and each cultural night was a journey to a different country’s highlights and traditions. We have learned more about cultural heritage and we have interacted with 7 different nationalities, seeing their perspective in different subjects and ideas and got to know them better, making international friendships.

In this journey we have also learned more about our own country and have appreciated more its beauty and culture that has shaped a large portion of who we are today. Valencia was a fantastic city for the Erasmus+ program to happen since there were lots to see in the city such as museums and traditional restaurants but it also let us experience the nightlife of locals and the beautiful
beach and weather. We would all highly recommend youngsters to become involved in such programs so that they will learn more about themselves, their culture, their believes and make once in a lifetime experiences with other curious minds and interesting personalities.

Participants: Alexandros Antonopoulos Vasilis Tsarosis Nicos Chelidonis Ioanna
Prodromou Souzana Sopasoudaki Pavlos Melissas

July 19, 2024

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