'Digital Education in the Digital Youth Work'

17 October to 24 October 2022, Berlin , Germany

I did not know what to expect because it was my first time participating in an Erasmus+ program. However, I had a really great time both during the training course and the sightseeing around the city. The place that the program took place was very accurate; the modernized and developed life in Berlin fitted with the aim of the project. I have to mention that the stay in the chosen hotel was very pleasant, too.

       The interactive activities included in the project definitely helped me to develop my presentation and communication skills. Every day we created at least two presentations in teams which managed to help me improve my public speaking skills and my ability to cooperate with other totally different personalities from mine. I also learned about helpful tools that I can use in order to facilitate both my everyday life and my academic work. In addition, the fact that in this program eight countries participated expanded its interculturality and got me really excited. In my perspective, the best task of all was the one in which we were asked to present the situation of digitalization in each country because I was informed about the divergence between them.
       This unique experience encourages me to participate in more exchange programs. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. I'm looking forward to taking part in one of the next potential programs that you will organise.

Komninaki Evgenia, volunteer of Social Inclusion Association

July 19, 2024

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My experience in Erasmus +

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